"I still cant believe we have this talented and professional gentleman in our Deftal DJ Roster.  Simply the Best!  DJ MV's versatility and passion always surface when we book him.  He is a great team player and has been requested many times to service our clients.. again and again and again!" - Ron Cabildo (Owner / Operator of Deftaldjs.com) Las Vegas, NV.

I learned a lot from you when you were the University of Hohenheim (Stuttgart) salsa instructor. You were dedicated, motivated and very inspiring to us. Your parties were the best. Andreas Rehm, (Stuttgart, Germany) 

Victor, it was great always dancing with you and you were my motivation to go out dancing even when it was snowing. You had the best lead and the best thing I liked about you is you were laid back and down to earth. Tu es adorable.  (Marie-Louise Resseau, Paris - France)

I love to party anywhere Victor Mabu DJ's because he is on top of the new Salsa & Bachata Music, it makes you feel like you are in a Salsa Congress...Eduardo, Mata (Las Vegas, NV)

"Victor is a quite the consummate professional. As much as I appreciate his tunes when i'm dancing, I'm equally impressed by his preparation and commitment to keep improving" (Franklin Tallah, Las Vegas - USA)

Victor is an amazingly talented DJ! He has a fantastic ear for the work! Not only is his eq enjoyable to hear, but he can blend one beat into another like no one I've heard before. He can seamlessly transition between various beats! Anyone can take a salsa into a Merenge, but he can move between salsa and bachata! He keeps the energy up and is tracks are sexy! You want his ear operating the room! David Drucker (Las Vegas, NV)

Victor, thanks a lot for being a great salsa, merengue and bachata instructor and DJ at the University of Hohenheim for 2 great years. You were highly enriching campus life at the university this way. It was always fun, entertaining and we learned a lot. Also thank you for participating at the charity event for "Calcutta Rescue" with your skills as a singer. I wish all your students as much fun in your dance classes as we had every time!! (Guido Birkle, Stuttgart, Germany).

I first met Victor on the bus on my way to Bar Salsa in London. Victor was not only a great dancer, but a friend, neighbor and brother who I learned a lot from as well. He’s a great person and it’s a pity he left the UK for the US. (Simon “Lord Bachata”, London – UK)

Victor thrilled us at a Salsa club in Amsterdam during his brief visit in 2002. He was not only fun to hangout and dance with, him but it was amazing to see him teach us Salsa in fluent German. We hope you visit us soon. (Marcus Bielefeld, Amsterdam – Netherlands)

Victor is the most dedicated, detail oriented, friendly, and lively dance instructor I have ever met. His great sense of humour at lessons helped me remember the do's and don'ts of salsa and above all, he helped us learn how to improvise and make our partner look good on the dance floor. Victor, we miss you, please visit us again. (George Colborne, Aberdeen - Scotland)

Las Vegas is really lucky to have a DJ like Victor. In my 14 years of dancing Salsa, I often found that DJs who are excellent dancers have a certain edge in keeping dancers happy. That is why I enjoy Victor's DJing so much. He is very dancers-centered, always bringing a good vibe and intensity to the dance floor. Esthee Piccolina (Las Vegas, Nevada -USA)

"Alors que je faisais mes études d’Ingénierie de l’environnement à Stuttgart j’ai eu l’opportunité de rencontrer Victor grâce à sa passion pour la salsa. Etant de nationalité argentine, nous partageons la même passion et Victor a été un super instructeur pour moi! Patient, toujours motivé et encourageant, Victor vous accueillera toujours avec le sourire aux lèvres» (Manuela de Rochefort, Ardèche - France)

I love to attend Victor’s events because I can always count on him to play the best music. He goes out of his way to make sure he reaches all levels/types of dancers and listeners. He even remembers your favorite song and makes an effort to play it for you when he sees that you are there! (Cindy Garcia, Las Vegas)

Victor is not only a great dancer but also talented in many other ways. We were thrilled with your passion and mastery of salsa, and your desire to share the knowledge with others each time you visited or called Cameroon. We wish you the best. (Kiiben Mabu , Yaounde – Cameroon – Africa)