If you want to learn 5 times faster, then you need to take private lessons. Private lessons are an hour long or could be longer at your request. Private lessons can also be taught at the convenience of your home.

Rate:$50 for an individual and $65 for a pair per hour

Savings Package Special Offer: $200 for 5 lessons (Individuals), $250 for 5 lessons (couples)

TIP: You can also refer ANY of my services in the Biz / Networking section and get 2 or 5 FREE private lessons for you and your partner anytime. See the Biz / Networking tab for more info.

                          Why are private lessons more expensive but worth it?

1.    What you learn in an hour's private lesson is worth the same in 5 or more group lessons

2.    Private lessons explain aspects you can’t learn on your own or miss out on when learning from a DVD

3.    The focus is on you (and your partner) alone, so you can learn much at your pace

4.    You can ask all types of questions you would not be able to ask in a group setting because others have questions too and you don't want to slow down the class.

5.    Technique is explained in more detail

6.    You get assignments for personal practice based on your needs.  You will get the confidence to dance wherever you are 

7.    You are merely compensating for what the teacher would have earned if he/ she were teaching a group lesson at that very time or space.

Private Dance Lessons