Hurdles / Constraints

            Seven Main Reasons Why People Do Not Learn/ Improve Their Salsa Dancing   

1.Time: They don’t have time to learn salsa due to conflicting schedules

2.Money: They can’t afford the money for group or private lessons

3.Motivation: Their partner is not as motivated as they are

4.Shyness: Some people feel they have “two left feet” or dancing is just not for them

5.Slow learners vs fast learners: Some fast learners are slowed down by slow learners. This sometimes causes resentment towards slow learners

6.Unqualified teachers: You could be the fastest learner and most motivated student but an unqualified teacher will “slow you down” from learning.

7.Bad weather / Distance: Bad weather or living far away from dance studios and clubs could prevent you from going out to learn, improve or practice what you have learned. Some determined dancers still drive long distances, even in bad weather conditions to go and dance.


Some of the above reasons can be addressed by using the right means to learn and motivate yourself and/or your partner. Avoid dance groups/ individuals who will remind you of your defects without trying to help you to improve.