Victor also likes networking with friends and helping others spread the word about their business and services. This makes it a win-win scenario for everybody. You will get a cash referral fee for any of his services.

Victor is a Senior Energy Consultant at Go Solar Total Energy Solutions (based in Las Vegas) and offers solar, weatherization, HVAC and LED packages to make homes & businesses energy efficient.

CASH REWARD: Get $300 in cashfor every solar referral who eventually buy a Solar system OR

5 FREE PRIVATE LESSONS: Get 5 FREE private lessons if you or your solar referral buys a solar package.


Victor is also a part time Security Specialist/ partner with NSA (National Security Alarms) offering all types of Home Security/ Alarms & Home Automation packages. There are good cash referral incentives for those who refer friends/ family members, or buy any home security package themselves.

CASH REWARD: Get $100 in cash if you or your friend/ family buys any home security package OR

2 FREE PRIVATE LESSONS:Get 2 FREE private lessons if you or your friend/ family member buys any home security package.

Packages start at $34.99/ month after activation.

                               Contact me anytime if you have any questions.

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