Health: Salsa dancing relieves stress, increases energy, facilitates weight loss, improves heart rate, increases muscle tone and bone strength.

Improves your people skills: Salsa dancing makes you meet people from different races, cultures, works of life and interests. The better a dancer you get, the more people you can meet.

Networking: The Salsa scene is a great place to network any other service or business you are involved in, because you get to meet a lot of people. Job hunters in the Salsa scene can easily be referred to a recruiter by another dancer or recruiter who knows them well. Business owners have had a lot of their clients from the dance scene and also go an extra mile to give the best customers' service to their friends, because they will see them often and would like referrals:)

Relationships: Many have been able to find their lovers or life partners from the Salsa scene, or improved on their relationships and connections because they learned how to dance. Relationships or marriages are always more fun when you have mutual interests and an activity to look forward to.

Benefits Of Salsa Dancing