Salsa Dance and Biz now operates in Las Vegas but also offers services to other cities in the US.

Our Vision:
Salsa Dance and Biz (SDB) aims at providing entertainment, dance instruction and awareness of other cultures and international aspects through dance instruction and music. Salsa Dance & Biz also donates its talent for fundraising and non-profit causes, to help the community and people in need. Most Salsa dancers either have a career, profession or own a business and networking in a group of familiar people increases the chances of better customer service and repeat referrals. This is a win-win for everybody – hence the name Salsa Dance & Biz

Victor Mabu (Founder/ Owner of SDB) was born in Cameroon (Africa) where he grew up. He has lived, taught Salsa and worked in the corporate world in Africa, Europe and currently in the United States, which gives him the international flavor and expertise to provide his services to any crowd or background of people. His multi-lingual skills and understanding of a wide variety of cultures and ethnic groups helps him connect with anyone anywhere.

About Salsa Dance And Biz (SDB)